Shown:  “Spring Rave” (2017) (detail), from “Flower Frequencies”.

“Flower Frequencies” (2017)

It didn't take long for

me to be done in by the immutable perfection of digital photography. Every picture was the exquisite corpse of my pre-conceived idea.


I took the bold step of not knowing what I was doing. I refuse to let my camera rewire my brain. So I try to surprise it.  Sneak up from behind.  My camera doesn't know if it's coming or going. 


But the really important thing is to throw that sharp picture out. Throw it out!


Once you're hung up on that, just give your camera a subway token and send it out by itself:  “Make sure you wear a hat! Don't talk to strangers!”  


Nature's a great big explosion.  If flowers were as big as people, as fast as people, as mobile as people... 

If we could tune into the flower frequencies, maybe we'd be enchanted, maybe we'd be terrified, I really don't know.

©2017 by David Roddis.  

“Flower Frequencies” was shown at The Window Gallery YYZ, Church Street, Toronto, from May 2nd to May 26th, 2017.

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