Shown here:  David Roddis, “Tuning into the Dahlia Frequencies”  (2017).  Available as acrylic mount print OR custom mural. Enquire via "Contact" page.


David has been involved


in creative endeavors all of his life, starting as a classical pianist and teacher, continuing as an actor, playwright, author and poet, and most recently as a visual artist using digital photography.


Music, literature and poetry, theatrical performance, and his experiences as a gay man have all have had a profound influence on, and helped to form, his visual aesthetics and recurring themes:  the nature of beauty, and life's transience.


David was born in Whitby, Ontario in 1955, and studied classical piano to ARCT level at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, at the University of Toronto, and subsequently privately with Katharina Wolpe in London, England, where he lived from 1974 to 1990. 


It was in London that he was drawn to acting and became well known for a series of offbeat solo cabaret shows for which he wrote the script and the songs; he was also in demand as a piano teacher.   


His interest in photography began casually in 2007, but soon grew into something akin to an obsession.  After seeing Christopher Beane's monograph "Flower", he knew without hesitation that flowers would be his subject, too, and he has continued with this primary focus for the past 10 years.  


David is completely self-taught as a photographer and feels that this has allowed him freedom to use the camera both intuitively and counter-intuitively.  Using digital photography as a starting point, he creates large-scale photo-based floral artwork that, in his words, "aims to astound".  

Quite separately from his visual art, David also maintains a blog at in which he showcases his humorous, eccentric and even vitriolic writing in a personal and political vein.  


Finally, David started his creative life in the musical realm, and it is music, particularly Beethoven's late works, to which he always returns for healing , inspiration and what might be called a glimpse of the divine.  

David lives and creates in Toronto.  


David Roddis